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Get a free e-book in English now!

We invite you to read this e-book, which, by developing your knowledge of digital heritage management, will help you deal more effectively with the challenges of today's digital world. Gain confidence and control over your digital legacy

- it is an investment in the future of you and your loved ones.

Click here to download the e-book!

Cover your tracks

Where did the idea come from?

Considering how much of our life we move to the virtual world and how many documents, data, photos, passwords, etc. we collect in the digital space, we began to wonder what happens to these resources when we are gone? Is it possible for a family to inherit digital goods? What is the access delegation process and who does it? We also wondered if it is possible to completely remove the trace of the deceased from the virtual space? Is there a chance, without knowing the passwords, to liquidate accounts from social profiles, mail and all stores where we made purchases by providing, for example, your phone number and address? After all, data left on the Internet is a tempting opportunity for identity thieves who can use it for illegal activities. Our project will be the answer to all the above questions. We are aware that we usually do not care and leave digital traces on the Internet without control, so we want to create an e-book that will present step by step what to do to permanently delete data from virtual space.

Who are our participants?

The goal is to create a guide for loved ones of a deceased person who want to organize their digital activity and for people who want to plan what will happen to their data after death. The actions we plan to take will contribute to spreading the idea of Internet safety and the real reduction of the so-called ghost accounts in virtual space. Users of the free e-book will also learn how to secure their digital activity on their own.

What will happen there?

The project team will create an e-book devoted to issues related to digital footprint and online security. It will be a valuable source of information on the inheritance of our digital presence. As part of the project, the material will be made available free of charge to funeral home employees, who will be able to share it with the families of deceased loved ones and anyone interested in this topic. We are happy that we can contribute to education in this field, helping people understand what steps to take in the world of digital legacy after death and how to take care of their own safety online.

We invite you to download the e-book for free from our Foundation's website and share it with others to jointly expand social awareness.

Who financed the project?
Project funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

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