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Our mission

The No Shame – Bez Wstydu Foundation was established to help people suffering from psoriasis. We want to expand knowledge about this disease and available forms of treatment, and above all, how to care for the skin naturally and alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

When I started suffering from psoriasis inherited from my father, I was ashamed of the eruptions and tried to hide them. Long-sleeved blouses, powder, highlighters are just some of the ways I resorted to to cover up the symptoms of the disease. When my dad found out that I was ashamed, he told me one thing that not only changed my approach to the disease, but also inspired me to talk about it out loud, namely: "Disease is not something to be ashamed of! It's not up to us. Why are people not ashamed of colds, pneumonia and psoriasis?

Perhaps it is because psoriasis is a socially unknown topic. I have the impression that it is almost a taboo subject. When I started telling friends and new people that I had psoriasis, I met with two reactions: first, absolute, embarrassing silence and no response. Well, what to say, if you're not sure what it is. People were probably thinking, “What if I get infected? Or maybe she doesn't wash herself?" However, others have asked: "Do you have psoriasis too?" "How are you dealing with her?" or “Me too / my brother / my sister / my partner”. They admitted: “I don't know what to do with it anymore. I didn't say anything because people reacted strangely. It forced me to rethink and set myself another goal - to create and run the Foundation.

Anna Gulko, President of the Foundation

Let us remember, it is the ignorance of others that forces us to hide from the world.

We, the sick, must not be ashamed! Let's talk about our experiences. We must admit that we itch, that it hurts, that we are afraid to go out with uncovered lesions because people look at us strangely, with disgust, curiosity ... We have a mission - let's educate others to make our lives easier!

Our team

Statute of the Foundation 

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