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How did you come to that?
Listening to the stories of sick people and carefully looking at environments offering various types of activities or promoting a healthy lifestyle, we ask the question: where is the place for people with skin diseases in all this? The answer to the above question is disappointing because there is no place for sick people. In Poland, there are many proposals for a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, but none of them provide full education in the profile of skin diseases. This situation is unfair, harmful and there is no rational reason why it should continue to apply. Hence the idea to conduct workshops for people struggling with skin diseases. Health Manifesto is a project based on seven thematic meetings bringing psoriasis patients closer to physical activity and education in the field of healthy eating. Awareness of a healthy eco diet is a choice that can work wonders in our body in a minimally invasive way and will allow not only to increase education in terms of healthy nutrition, protection of the planet, but also to significantly improve the condition of the skin , and above all, the participants will feel better. In combination with the workshop on body awareness, breathing exercises, participants will easily acquire tools that will improve their functioning. We will show participants that health is not only the absence of disease and a nice appearance. Health is prevention, awareness of nutrition, taste, awareness of the mind, serenity, self-confidence, body awareness, the ability to control stress, easy exercise and relaxation. The project is a step towards creating a space for the sick to function in which they will be able to feel at ease.

Who are our participants?
The project is aimed at teenagers and adults suffering from psoriasis and other skin diseases who, due to their ailments, feel resistance to active participation in classes, but would like to learn how to easily change their lifestyle.

What will happen there?
The planned workshops will be based on modern, little-known and promoted methods of natural nutrition and working with your own body. We will provide information on healthy eating methods for people with skin problems, we will invite people to workshops who will share scientific knowledge on the selection of products and nutrition. Participants will have the opportunity to learn practical methods of natural healthy eating. We also intend to create a space for participants to talk, exchange experiences and share their problems. We would like the participants of our project to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge and to know how to take care of themselves and work with their bodies.

What have we achieved?

Who financed the project?
The project was funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

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