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Supta Psoriasis Asana

How did you come to that?
The Supta Psoriasis Asana project is a response to the obstacles faced by people struggling with skin diseases when trying to actively participate in sports activities. Exclusion and stigmatization can be cruel. Ignorant judgments and discrimination are harmful to the sick and lead to their withdrawal from active participation in social life.


Nowadays, practicing various types of sports is a widespread and constantly promoted phenomenon. This is something very positive due to the undoubted health benefits of physical activity. Listening to the stories of the sick and looking closely at the environments offering various types of sports activities, we ask the question: where is the place for people with skin diseases in all this? The answer to the above question is disappointing - it is rare for a person with skin diseases to be welcomed with open arms.

This situation is unfair, harmful and there is no rational reason why it should continue to apply. Hence the idea to conduct yoga workshops for people struggling with skin diseases.

Who are our participants?
The target group of our project are people with skin diseases who are afraid of participating in physical activities. We want to provide them with appropriate activities tailored to their needs.

What will happen there?
The classes we will conduct are yoga workshops combined with meditation. The choice of this practice is related to the fact that it is a minimally invasive activity, which is an asset for people struggling with skin problems. Sports that require a lot of effort, group sports or those that involve the use of special accessories or clothing can contribute to the deterioration of the skin condition by creating wounds, scratches or abrasions of the patient's sensitive skin. Yoga is a calming activity, which is a particularly desirable element for sick people - constantly exposed to stress related to appearance. We are convinced that the calmness provided by yoga combined with meditation will have a positive effect on the participants, help them relax, look inside themselves and divert attention from the condition of the skin, and also contribute to the acceptance of their own body.


The classes that will be conducted will provide participants with the tools to consistently lead a healthy lifestyle.

With our activities, we want to reach people who want to change their current lifestyle, introduce good changes, take care of their health and at the same time get out of the shadow of illness. The people to whom the project is addressed are individuals who, despite the desire and need to change their lives, are afraid that they will be the object of stigmatization and discrimination. We want to help them fight for what they are entitled to!

What have we achieved?

Who financed the project?
The project was funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

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