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Calm Head 2

Where did the idea come from?
Enjoying great interest, the two previous editions of the "Calm Head" project inspired us to continue our mission. Based on the results of an internal survey, which revealed that as many as 95% of people affected by psoriasis avoid visits to the hairdresser due to inadequate treatment by the staff, we decided to take action. The low level of awareness about psoriasis among hairdressers and the false beliefs they follow are the main reasons for this situation. That is why we decided to reach hairdressers by providing them with basic information about scalp diseases. We want to respond to social challenges, such as discrimination based on appearance. Our goal is to counteract the exclusion of people with skin diseases by educating students of hairdressing schools. We believe that lack of knowledge and harmful prejudices contribute to the discrimination of sick people. These people often feel shame resulting from negative experiences, which leads to social isolation. We want everyone to feel good in their own skin, regardless of their appearance. We strive to ensure that patients can use hairdressing services without shame and discomfort. As part of this project, we focus on the initial changes in the perception of people at risk of exclusion, with the hope of improving the quality of life of people affected by this problem. We believe that the implementation of this project will contribute to reducing the stigma and discrimination of people with skin diseases. We encourage hairdressers to understand the difficulties faced by patients.

Who are our participants?
The project is dedicated to students of schools and hairdressing technicians from the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. We are convinced that it is them, as future specialists in the industry, who will shape the labor market and will have an impact on how clients with various special needs will be treated

What will happen there?
Students of schools and hairdressing technicians will be trained in the professional provision of services to people with psoriasis and other scalp diseases. Activities are planned, covering both theoretical and practical parts. As part of the theoretical part, participants will be familiarized with the basic diseases of the scalp, such as psoriasis, and will also discuss selected hairdressing treatments, techniques of talking to the client and recommended and not recommended products for people with this type of ailments.

The provided practical activities will allow students to gain practical skills. One of the practical elements will consist in conducting a trichological examination. Participants will be able to perform this test themselves using a scalp analysis camera. Together with the instructor, they will analyze the results, paying attention to structural disorders within the hair, the condition of the epidermis and the mouth of the hair follicles. The second practical action will be learning how to perform the darsonvalization procedure, which has a beneficial effect on psoriasis skin. Students will be introduced to the technique of applying a glass pad to the scalp, which, when connected to electricity, will fill with ozone, emitting a characteristic blue light. This treatment ensures effective cleansing of the scalp, thanks to the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect of ozone. During the training, the instructors will particularly emphasize the need to use these tests and treatments in professional practice in hairdressing salons.

Who financed the project?
Project funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

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