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Shameless Youngsters

Where did the idea come from?
The idea was born from the need and desire to establish a dialogue with young people about embarrassing skin diseases - psoriasis, acne, atopic dermatitis, impetigo. Young people are most affected by exclusion and discrimination because of their appearance. Adults forget about the fluctuations of hormones, the unformed identities of teenagers who are not immune to the influence of the environment. Young people are looking for solutions to their skin problems and related emotional problems on the Internet or among trusted peers. We want to prevent this by conducting a conscious dialogue with young people, thanks to which they will turn to specialized units for help - dermatological and psychological help. We want young people to feel that they are not alone – that they belong to a Europe where teenagers and young people in every country face problems such as skin diseases, discrimination and related social exclusion.

Who are our participants?
The participants are the organization's staff and volunteers who work on the foundation's strategic projects. They want to develop in such a way that the knowledge they have acquired will stay with them for life, so that on its basis they can further develop the foundation's activities and fulfill themselves. Each of the participants wants to learn through experience, which they will gain most effectively in an environment outside their comfort zone of their home country. Our participants are creative, determined and committed people who want to explore new opportunities to acquire language, psychological and entrepreneurial skills. These people are interested in enriching and improving their psychological, linguistic, cultural and social competences. These are people who need and are looking for new opportunities and techniques to develop their language and entrepreneurial competences that would be effective for them primarily in the context of the foundation's activities and that will put the acquired knowledge and assumptions of the project into practice.

What was going on there?
In Spain, we took part in a seminar on social campaigns and their promotion. The seminar was devoted to the issue of broadly understood marketing of the entire foundation and its projects, the target group of which are young people. Ideas for ways to reach mainly young people with our campaign have been developed.

In Sicily, we had the opportunity to observe our Italian partners at work and take part in their activities. The partners presented us with the methods of their work, showed the strategies they use when setting and achieving goals in their organization, and explained to us why they act in a given way.

What have we achieved?
During the project, we managed to gain vast substantive knowledge about marketing and promotion, which we intend to use in campaigns and actions aimed at young people. We also gained conflict resolution skills through discussion and running joint projects. We have acquired the ability to effectively and practically transfer knowledge in our own professional environment. We have improved internal organization processes, which will translate into higher quality of projects delivered to final recipients. We gained knowledge about building trust, setting and enforcing the rules of cooperation in the team. Together, we exchanged and improved ideas for communication with young people and their activation into social programs.

Below are presentations that are one of the results of our work.

Who financed the project?
Project funded by Erasmus+.



Nasi partnerzy/Our partners

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