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Don't break

How did you come to that?
According to the Survey of the Public Opinion Center (TNS OBOP), 40% of Poles believe that the health care system is bad or very bad (28%). Neither the employees of the system nor the people using it are satisfied with the state of health care. Although many studies show that the most significant for patients are provided by the doctor, there is a significant increase in the importance of medical information available via the Internet. The popularity of acquiring knowledge about diseases via the Internet results primarily from the difficult access to medical services and, at the same time, easy access to the Internet. Unfortunately, the Internet also gives you the opportunity to disseminate unreliable information. Some sources are verified by government agencies and consumer groups. The situation is different with information coming from unreputable sources.

The second problem we notice is missing the so-called "therapeutic window", i.e. the stage in which the disease process can be stopped. This is related to the delayed prophylaxis of rheumatic diseases. In response to these challenges, we have created the Nie Break Myself project, which aims to influence the well-being of patients, increase awareness of rheumatological diseases and actively support both patients and their families in the fight against the disease.

Who are our participants?
Participants and thus users of the Nie Łam Się website are primarily people affected by chronic rheumatological diseases, their families and loved ones. However, we want the Do Not Break Yourself website to be a place visited by all kinds of specialists who have contact with people suffering from PsA, AS and Osteoporosis, who want to pursue our goals. We are open to any cooperation and suggestions regarding the site, if they are consistent with our mission.

What will happen there?
As part of the Don't Break Yourself project, we have created an online knowledge base that fulfills the following functions:

– A CATALOG containing information on PsA, AS and Osteoporosis diseases, including the causes of diseases, their varieties, methods of treatment.

– LIBRARY, where scientific articles and news about new research and treatment methods, podcasts and book reviews are periodically published.

– A GUIDE with articles on lifestyle (diet, exercise), medicine (drugs, facilities, treatments) and psychology (support).

– "My Story" FORUM, thanks to which users can describe their experiences and enter into a dialogue with other people

One of the most important elements on the website are sets of exercises that have been developed with the help of specialists: physiotherapist - mgr. Adam Kostrzewski (Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 2 PUM), physiotherapist - Angelika Wiensak ("Again" Cabinet), and athletes: Agnieszka Lisiecka-Nowosadko and Michał Nowosadko. Exercise sets are a proposal of physical activity for people struggling with joint and bone pain, and thus - with limited mobility. The recordings are available in the "Exercises" tab: Exercises - ( and on the foundation's YouTube channel: (179) Trening Mobility - conducted by Adam Kostrzewski, a physiotherapist - YouTube.

We also consider the "Treatments" subpage to be an important element of the website: Procedures - ( , which describes the most popular treatments performed for degenerative diseases of joints and bones. Due to the large number of treatments aimed at reducing pain and stimulating the body, we believe that it was right to collect the most famous treatments in one place and present their characteristics and effects. We did the same in the case of medicines, creating a subpage: Leki - ( with a list of popular substances used in degenerative diseases and a description of their action.

The website contains many interesting and visually attractive materials, such as: podcasts (Podcasts - ( in Polish and English on topics related to joint and bone diseases, news in their treatment, as well as living with the disease; quiz-courses in the form of animations (Quizo-kursy - ( thanks to which you can spread and check knowledge about diseases, as well as basic information in the field of nutrition (Diet - https:/ / ( such as recommended products and a description of their impact on the condition of our body.

On the "Psychology" subpage: Psychology - (, we have included materials on the importance of psychological support for people affected by diseases that limit mobility, and thus resulting in the withdrawal of people from active participation in social life .


Who financed the project?
The project was financed by the European Union.

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