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Beautiful Scalp 

How did you come to that?
The "Beautiful Scalp" project is a continuation of previously undertaken activities for people with skin diseases, namely educational projects for future hairdressers - "Peaceful head", carried out in the Mazowieckie and Podlaskie voivodships. We want to use the knowledge and experience we have gained about skin diseases. Today we know how important a holistic approach to the problem of scalp diseases, quick and good diagnosis, specialist consultation and a well-chosen care program are. Such actions can contribute to improving the condition of the scalp and well-being of the patient. Internal analyzes of the foundation show that in Poland there are a lot of treatment proposals, offers of scalp examination, care and treatments. For some, they are very expensive and appear to them as inaccessible, exclusive research. The cost of a single trichological examination oscillates between PLN 150 and PLN 450, plus very expensive specialized trichological cosmetics and subsequent tests. These are costs that not everyone can afford, which is why the patient often thinks that it is an exclusive luxury, thus neglecting his health. Education in this area is insufficient. Often, people with scalp problems do not know that there are specialized non-invasive trichological tests that can help them choose the right care, improve the condition of the skin and at the same time contribute to the improvement of the patient's well-being. Hence the idea for a project whose main goal will be to conduct free trichological examinations for people with a low financial budget struggling with scalp diseases. We intend to fight the notion that people with scalp conditions cannot do anything about it and should not participate in social life due to aesthetic reasons or the false belief that psoriasis is contagious.

Who are our participants?
The target group of our project are individuals with a limited budget suffering from scalp diseases who, due to the appearance of their skin, falling scales, fear of stigmatization and discrimination, and due to a low budget, cannot use specialist examinations and thus cannot take advantage of new innovative methods of care for sick scalp.

What will happen there?
Beautiful Scalp is an innovative project that will be based on several areas of action with the beneficiary. These areas will include:

professional trichological interview

trichological examination of the scalp

care education, natural ecological methods of care

conversation about the psychological aspects related to the poor condition of the scalp

handing over a natural ecological care product for testing

a summary meeting with the beneficiary after applying the previously received guidelines

We would like the participants of our project to see with their own eyes, on the monitor screen, what the condition of their scalp looks like, so that they feel comfortable during the meeting, acquire practical and theoretical knowledge on how to take care of the scalp, and that they feel taken care of. Through consultations and a trichological examination, we will show the participant what is the condition of his scalp and hair. We will show that there are methods and natural remedies that everyone can use. We will also encourage them to try the indicated methods.

What have we achieved?

We conducted a total of 55 studies. For most of the subjects, these were the first trichological consultations in their lives, giving them the opportunity to see their scalp and hair in close-up under the trichological camera. We reached out to people with various scalp conditions such as psoriasis. Based on the microscopic image of the scalp, we were able to provide participants with specific guidance on appropriate care methods. In addition, we provided the respondents with cosmetics adapted to specific scalp diseases, which were provided to us by Hair-Med and Aromase. The use of cosmetics by the participants of the study contributed to a significant improvement in the condition of the scalp, which we could observe on their second visits. As part of the project, we also created a promotional campaign on our social media. Thanks to this campaign, we reached a wider audience. During the series of posts, we shared our knowledge about proper care and advice on the effects of stress on the skin and a healthy lifestyle for people with scalp diseases. This campaign has contributed to increasing public awareness of scalp problems and encouraging them to take appropriate action to care for it. Together with trichologist Martyna Czarnecka, we organized a webinar entitled "Trichologist about psoriasis: How to take care of the scalp at home?". During this event, we discussed the topic of scalp care for people with psoriasis, giving practical tips and advice. The webinar was another step aimed at reaching more people interested in the topic and providing them with valuable information. The whole project was very popular. 

Who financed the project?
The project was funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

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